About Sundance Homes

    We are a custom home builder serving all of the Greater Des Moines Metro and Ames areas. We build with the goal of bringing our client’s dream home to reality. We sit down with each client and design a plan that meets their needs and desires while working within their budget.

    Our vision and experience enable us to enrich a design by suggesting unique ideas that enhance a floor plan. We do what it takes to give our clients just what they are seeking in their new home!

    About Sundance Homes

    Custom Home Builders Des Moines

    The Stages That Your Custom Home Builders Follow

    Are you interested in custom home builders in Des Moines, Iowa but aren’t sure what to expect? Then you should take a look at the steps listed here. We at Sundance Homes usually follow a process that is very similar to this one. Doing so helps to make our home building as useful as possible.

    Preparation of the Lot

    When you work with custom home builders, you typically need to prepare the lot in a way that makes sense. This step requires not only removing items on the lot that don’t need to be there – such as trees, rocks, and other items from former homes – but also flatten the land and keep it stable.

    And many homeowners also need to add elements such as electrical hookups, plumbing connections, cable wires, and internet services to their homes. Some lots don’t have these elements installed, which means you may need to pay for them to keep your home secure and livable when it is done.

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      We pride ourselves on building what our clients desire in a home! If your friends have told you that your idea for your new house is borderline crazy, we want it. Let’s talk.

      Proud member of the Home Builders Association of Des Moines.

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