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    We are a custom home builder serving all of the Greater Des Moines Metro and Ames areas. We build with the goal of bringing our client’s dream home to reality. We sit down with each client and design a plan that meets their needs and desires while working within their budget.

    Our vision and experience enable us to enrich a design by suggesting unique ideas that enhance a floor plan. We do what it takes to give our clients just what they are seeking in their new home!

    About Sundance Homes

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    Steps to Take When Buying Land for New Construction Homes

    Building new construction homes in Des Moines, Iowa often seems like the best step for those who want a great house that meets their needs. However, a home is only as good as the land on which you build it. As a result, you must understand the different elements that must be gauged before you buy a property. The following steps should help you out in this situation and get you land that works for you.

    Checking the Condition of the Land

    When buying land for new construction homes, you may be tempted to think that the area is in great shape without doing any inspections. We strongly suggest that you take the time to get somebody to inspect your land before you buy it. Too often, homeowners find nasty surprises on their property, surprises that can cost them a lot of money to fix and add a lot of cost to the construction process, a price that is basically spending money on nothing in some ways.

    You also need to pay attention to things that might seem obvious but which might not be present on your land. For example, are there water hookups, or will you have to pay to install these? And how will you get electricity to your new home? Is plumbing available, or do you have to add a whole new system to the land? These factors are critical, and far too many homeowners don’t understand their benefit because they are too busy focusing on the home and not their property.

    So make sure that you thoroughly inspect each bit of property that you want to potentially buy before you spend a single dime on any property. Doing so will help to make it easier for you to find land that suits your needs by ensuring that you are fully satisfied with what is offered. Just as importantly, you can adjust the designs of your home to suit the land, if necessary – often, this is easier and less expensive than changing the property to suit your needs.

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