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We are a custom home builder serving all of the Greater Des Moines Metro and Ames areas. We build with the goal of bringing our client’s dream home to reality. We sit down with each client and design a plan that meets their needs and desires while working within their budget.

Our vision and experience enable us to enrich a design by suggesting unique ideas that enhance a floor plan. We do what it takes to give our clients just what they are seeking in their new home!

About Sundance Homes

New Homes Near Me in Des Moines

Why New Homes Near Me are a Great Investment for You

It’s time for you to invest in your first home, and you’ve never been more excited. However, you’re trying to decide if new homes near me in Des Moines, Iowa is your best choice or if you should invest in used or pre-built homes. At Sundance Homes, we suggest that most people consider building an entirely new home. Doing so provides many benefits that are too high to ignore.

New Homes are Yours to Create

When considering used vs. new homes near me, it is essential to understand that new homes will be yours in a way that used homes will never become. First of all, you’ll be the first person to ever live in a house. That means that you can create the looks and styles that you want without worrying about what anybody else has done in the past. It’s a lot like owning a new car – knowing that it’s yours and yours alone makes the process much more satisfying.

Just as importantly, you can create any style that you want for your new house. Though many realtors may argue that you should consider a neutral look to make your home easier to sell later, that factor may not be an issue if you plan on staying at the house for good. As a result, you can indulge yourself a little and create a very personal look that you can’t get with used homes or which would cost a lot more money to execute to your standards properly.

In this way, new homes are often a lot like a child – you can craft them and inspire them to become as great as possible. Though renovating and upgrading an older home can be inspiring and even less expensive, it never has the same feel as creating a house out of scratch. As a result, those who have the money and who possess a sizeable creative streak may prefer building new homes and get a lot more out of the process than usual.

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We pride ourselves on building what our clients desire in a home! If your friends have told you that your idea for your new house is borderline crazy, we want it. Let’s talk.

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