About Sundance Homes

    We are a custom home builder serving all of the Greater Des Moines Metro and Ames areas. We build with the goal of bringing our client’s dream home to reality. We sit down with each client and design a plan that meets their needs and desires while working within their budget.

    Our vision and experience enable us to enrich a design by suggesting unique ideas that enhance a floor plan. We do what it takes to give our clients just what they are seeking in their new home!

    About Sundance Homes

    Remodeling Des Moines

    Early Stages When Planning Home Remodeling

    The best remodeling in Des Moines, Iowa should give you a more beautiful home and to your specific tastes. However, figuring this project out can be a challenge if you don’t take the time to assess every element fully. Thankfully, we at Sundance Homes have done a lot of remodeling in our time and will provide you with the help that you need to manage this step without any difficulty.

    How Much Work Do You Want Done?

    Remodeling is a process that requires you to fully commit to a specific scope and range of work in a way that makes the building much more comfortable. For example, you need to decide what rooms you want to upgrade, what kinds of changes you want to be done to them, the materials that you wish to use on the project, and any other steps that help make your home stand out to others.

    Do you want to tackle one room at a time and ensure that the changes are to your taste? Many people take this approach because it helps save them money and provides that they can make changes if they don’t end up liking their renovation. By contrast, others prefer diving right in and doing their whole home in one go, which helps to create a more coherent style more quickly.

    And make sure that you pay attention to every element that needs to be upgraded in a room. Do you want to change the look of the walls and your ceiling? Or do you want to enhance every aspect, such as adding new carpeting, drywall, insulation, and appliances and furniture? The scope is essential to figure out right away to ensure that your builders know what you want to be done.

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      We pride ourselves on building what our clients desire in a home! If your friends have told you that your idea for your new house is borderline crazy, we want it. Let’s talk.

      Proud member of the Home Builders Association of Des Moines.

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