When to Remodel Your Home

Home should be a haven and a place of refuge for you and your family. Like most of us, we all wanted a home that radiates warmth, comfort, and, of course, charm. You may also want a house that is fully functional, or adapts to the current situation you live in; starting a family, a new hobby, or will be working at home or even planning for retirement. A whole-home remodeling allows you to make your ideal home come to life without the ruckus of packing up and selling your house. If you are from Iowa and considering upgrading your shabby, cramped, and outdated home, home remodeling contractors in Des Moines are here to lend a hand. 

When to remodel your home?

Before starting a remodeling job, keep the season in mind. Since contractors are frequently seeking projects in the off-season, winter is an excellent time for indoor remodeling if you want to save a little cash. Weather conditions will most likely be the deciding factor for outdoor projects, as well. To nail down the perfect schedule, plan ahead of time and talk with your contractor. 

Season aside, if you are thinking about giving your home some extra TLC, here are several grounds that tell you when to remodel your home: 

When you are planning for retirement

If you plan on staying in your house well into your senior years, consider implementing age-in-place features such as replacing bathtubs with easy step-in showers with bars and installing toilets designed for persons with restricted mobility or in wheelchairs.

When you want to go green

If you think you are overpaying for your utilities, you can save hundreds of dollars every month by replacing single-pane windows with energy-efficient windows. 

If you are also planning to replace your roof, you can have solar panels installed. Solar power may be the way to go if you want to lower your utility bills and lessen your carbon footprint.

When you are planning to re-sell it

The exterior appearance of your property is critical in terms of increasing its value and possibility for sale. If you’re planning to sell your home, fresh paint, clean shutters, a new roof, and nice landscaping are all simple methods to improve curb appeal.

If you are planning to re-sell your home, avoid a design that is too custom. In your “forever” home, resale value is less essential, but if you’re in a starter house or anywhere in the middle, it’s a good idea to think about what future buyers would desire. Adding vividly colored tiles or vintage appliances, for example, may detract value from your property or cause it to flag on the market.

When you want to upgrade your cooking

The kitchen is every home’s beating heart. It’s where family and friends gather and bond most of the time. Women believe it is the bedroom that makes men fall in love, well, we beg to differ. It is actually the kitchen. To make it more useful and aesthetically captivating, installing a new stove, changing your refrigerator, or installing a few new cabinets can do the trick. 

When your bathroom needs fixing

If your bathroom has leaks or cracked tiles, this may be the sign that you need to give it extra loving. And even if your bathroom is in good shape, it’s always a good time to install new plumbing and replace that dull plain mirror with a lovely framed one. Don’t forget about the lighting – it’s crucial, especially for the ladies who spend so much time applying make-up and planning up outfits. 

While your kids are still kids

You don’t want to leave your community because your kids have neighbors? Do you dread the prospect of your children switching schools? This is typical, and it most likely indicates that you and your family will not move until your children are adults. Why wait ten or fifteen years to remodel? Make your home future-ready right now.

When you are uneasy having friends over

Don’t waste any more time staring at avocado countertops! Are you afraid that if you invite your friends over, they’ll make fun of your kitchen and bathroom because of the terrible, outdated colors? It’s simple and inexpensive to install new countertops, so go ahead and do it! Of course, your friends are not bothered with those, but the next time they come around for dinner, you will feel much better.

When your home feels stale

Yes, your house must feel like home, and sometimes, it may make you feel a bit stale. If you are also experiencing this, your home may use a little make-over. You can start slow and feel instantly fresh and clean if you paint your walls and baseboards. For those on a tight budget, this is a great option.

When you need extra space

Do you want to quit using your basement as a storage space? Convert it into living space; such as a cinema room or turn it into something your kids can hang around, or add a closet and a window for an extra bedroom. Any ideas you have in mind, do it. It will also improve your home’s overall value and square footage.

When you are thinking of moving out

It can be unpleasant and time-consuming to look for a new house. Rather than spending months shopping for the right home, updating your bathrooms and kitchen, or knocking down that pesky wall, could be the answer.

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